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01Hose connector612114597431$1.19no charge
02EMPTY BATTERY6121145965012V 25AH1$132.50no charge
04Hex bolt61211459655M6X202$5.48no charge
05Covering cap612114590981$3.62no charge
06Covering cap612114590991$2.97no charge
07Hose612123062991000 MM1$5.01no charge
09CHAIN TENSIONER612112330731$29.38no charge
10RING NUT612112334572$6.83no charge
11WAVE WASHER07119904496B6-ZNS32$2.27no chargeCALL
14Hex nut61211459656M62$2.78no charge
15SPRING WASHER61217670327B62$2.01no charge
16Battery acid parcel (6 bottles)6121905697225AH-30AH1N/Ano charge  
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  • SI, TÜV, SDB = Service Information (refer to TIS)
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