E21 323i     Baur Top Cabriolet
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01Cover, windshield54210006290PVC SCHWARZ1N/Ano chargeCALL  
01Cover, windshield54210006297TEXTIL SCHWARZ1N/Ano charge  
01Cover, windshield54210006298TEXTIL BLAU1N/Ano charge  
02Trim panel roll bar54210006289PVC SCHWARZ1N/Ano charge  
02Trim panel roll bar54210006301TEXTIL SCHWARZ1N/Ano charge  
02Trim panel roll bar54210006302TEXTIL BLAU1N/Ano chargeCALL  
03Soft-top covering54310006295SCHWARZ1$359.86no charge
03Soft-top covering54310006303BLAU1N/Ano chargeCALL  
04Rubber band543100063222N/Ano charge  
06Cover543100062961N/Ano chargeCALL  
07Trim panel roll bar51440006293INNEN1N/Ano charge  
08Strip542100100702N/Ano chargeCALL  
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