E21 323i     Baur Top Cabriolet
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01Outer cover for hardtop54210006294PVC SCHWARZ1N/Ano chargeCALL  
01Outer cover for hardtop54210006299TEXTIL SCHWARZ1$438.26no charge
01Outer cover for hardtop54210006300TEXTIL BLAU1N/Ano charge  
02Hardtop54210006318PVC SCHWARZ1N/Ano chargeCALL  
02Hardtop54210006319TEXTIL SCHWARZ1N/Ano chargeCALL  
02Hardtop54210006320TEXTIL BLAU1N/Ano chargeCALL  
02Hardtop54210006321TEXTIL BRAUN1N/Ano chargeCALL  
03Pin542100060392N/Ano charge  
04sealing517100063041$93.68no charge
06Strip542100060401N/Ano chargeCALL  
07Covering plate, left51710010068F. ABDICHTUNG1N/Ano charge  
07Covering plate, right51710010069F. ABDICHTUNG1N/Ano charge  
08SEALING FRONT517100063071$77.99no charge
09SEALING FRONT517100063051$37.39no charge
10ROOF BOW543100063111N/Ano chargeCALL  
11Rear roof bow543100063091N/Ano chargeCALL  
12Rear roof bow543100063101N/Ano chargeCALL  
13Belt543100063142N/Ano chargeCALL  
14Trim panel514400062911$35.55no chargeCALL
15sealing517100063081$126.31no charge
16Tensioner54210010075AN VERSCHLUSS2N/Ano charge  
17Convertible top cover54310006315PVC SCHWARZ1N/Ano chargeCALL  
17Convertible top cover54310006316TEXTIL SCHWARZ1$845.51no charge
17Convertible top cover54310006317TEXTIL BLAU1N/Ano charge  
18sealing517100063061$82.08no charge
19Mounting strip54310006312LINKS1$52.38no charge
19Mounting strip54310006313RECHTS1$54.49no charge
20Installation kit543100064381$43.99no charge
21Edge protection513600100764,80 M1N/Ano chargeCALL  
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