E39 525i     Intake manifold system
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01INTAKE MANIFOLD11617525752109/2002$682.24no chargeCALL
01INTAKE MANIFOLD116175257521$682.24no charge
02Set of profile gaskets116114366311$48.85no charge
03Temperature sensor air136217395101$70.33no charge
04O-ring136217432998X31$3.26no charge
05DISTRIBUTION PIECE116114403181$62.75no charge
06O-ring116175027617X36$2.39no charge
07Adjuster unit11617544806104/2004$326.38no chargeCALL
07Adjuster unit116175448061$326.38no charge
08T-SHAPE IDLE REGULATING VALVE13411744713BOSCH1$286.50no charge
09BRACKET IDLE ADJUSTER116175022711$28.13no charge
10Rubber grommet116114374531$24.85no charge
11Rubber Mounting116114325641$7.60no charge
12Torx-bolt with washer11611440384M6X184$2.55no charge
13Oval head screw11617533331407/2006$1.04no chargeCALL
13Screw11617533331K60X224$1.04no charge
14Hex nut with plate07129905541AM79$1.24no chargeCALL
15Cap11611437560D=3,5MM2$3.06no charge
16Cap nut12421438388M61$2.61no charge
17Cap11611727176D=7,0MM1$2.09no charge
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